Port Alice BC Real Estate

Port Alice is a small village located a short drive west of Port Hardy, BC located on the Neroutsos Inlet, on Vancouver Island. It’s population is around 805. The community is known for its natural beauty, pulp mill, and salt water fishing and affordable Port Alice BC real estate.


It was named after Alice Whalen, the founders’ mother. The brothers Whalen began their construction of the mill at its present site in 1917, with first pulp produced in 1918. The mill at Swanson Bay, on the Inside Passage farther north, was also a Whalen operation. Port Alice bears a remarkable resemblance to Port Annie, the fictional town described by Vancouver Island author Jack Hodgins in his novel The Resurrection of Joseph Bourne.

About Port Alice

The town featuers a Sea Walk pathway that follows the coastline near town. It offers beautiful scenery and picnic areas. There are many hiking destinations in the area likeDevil’s Bath, Eternal Fountain, Vanishing River and Reappearing River. These are a series of ancient karst and limestone formations. The access is through dirt roads. Devil’s Bath, a flooded sinkhole, is an example of a cenote [3] and is the largest in Canada at 359 meters in diameter and 44 meters in depth.